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Having worked in businesses from very early stage startups to global leaders, I understand the effect sales culture has on the entire business.

I’ve been lucky to learn from some seriously smart people in organisations that haven’t just challenged industries but have changed the way they work. Along the way I've seen commonalities in the makeup of successful businesses - They're all great at describing the value of what they do in a way everyone understands, they know how to create environments designed to support successful sales people and deliver a sales culture that's right for their business and finally, they all understand the metrics and know how to use them to drive action.

I believe by focusing on people, customer value and data driven decision making, you can build a sales culture that's right for your business.  I started Red Sky Consulting to help new and growing businesses build sales capability, set sales strategy, design sales tactics and measure sales performance.

I deliver specialist sales leadership advice and direction based on the belief the fundamentals of sales are the same if you sell to SME, Corporate, Enterprise or Public Sector clients; whether your next deal helps meet the expectations of Wall Street or keeps the lights on for 3 more months.

If you'd like to improve the way you describe the tangible value your product or service delivers and easily explain the problem it solves; if you are looking to create a sales environment capable of sustainable growth, where teams cut through the data to understand what to do next, I'd like to help.

I'm always happy to have a conversation.

Ian Barrs, Founder.

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